Environmental Management System

Pietta Glass Working

Pietta Glass Working
uses ISO 14001, an environmental management system which helps us to implement a policy and objectives, taking into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.ISO 14001

Pietta Glass Working company establish, implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system, according with the environmental policy.

ISO 14001 certWe use the ISO 14001 standard to protect the environment and to demonstrate that our Environment Management System was tested and properly found on standards of good practice.

Issued by a ISO certification body, ISO 14001 certificate lets our customers know that they can trust that our organization are actively minimizing the environmental impacts of processes, products and services.

Using this standard, our company in based on two concepts: continuous improvement and flexibility.

Through ISO 14001 standard, Pietta Glass Working company implements actions to improve processes in areas with significant aspects. We use this standard to support environmental protection an to prevent pollution through a systematic environmental management on the areas and on the activities that have an impact on it.ISO 14001 (logo)

The ISO 14001 standard defines what we need to do for better environmental management that can propel us among the organizations which are taking active part in protecting the environment while improving our company image. This standard help us to identify the causes, so negative environmental effects can be stopped or at least reduced.


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