ECE 43 /DOT Certification

Pietta Glass Working

European Regulation 43 standard applies in Pietta Glass Working to safety glazing material used for installation as windscreen or other panes.

The certification is in progres.

For each type of glazing we will have an accredited approval.ECE 43

Every piece of safety glass including the samples, have printed the name of the company “Pietta Glass Working” as the Regulation 43 requires.

The purpose of this regulation is to define what type of testing must to be done and which result must to obtain to verify if the glasses are safe and good for use. Those test are obligatory to be made in our company.

The glass manufacturer must carry out regular checks of conformity of the production at a fixed frequency.

In our company, the testing is performed not only during the development phase, but at each stage of manufacture to maintain the highest standards. All types of glass are then approved by a competent authorized body.

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