CE marking


CEAll the products from SAINT-GOBAIN PRIME GLASS WORKING company meet legal requirements before they can be sold and they carry CE marking. CE marking attached to a product is a manufacturer’s claim that it follows all the requirements of the European legislation.

The CE marking is the common sign of conformity used by manufacturers to show that the specific product corresponds to the requirements established with the EC directives. The products that do not conform to the requirements of the directive cannot be allowed in the European market.

Our CE Marking covers a wide range of glass related products such as:

  •    Safety glass
  •    Monolithic glass
  •    Laminated glass
  •    Insulating glass units
  •    Heat Soak Test
  •    Architectural glass

CE marking shows the conformity of the products made in our company, with the measures made by the European Community and with its technical requirements. Through the CE Marking we understand an uniform identification of the entire Europe and it is approved the free goods movement in European Union.

The CE Marking for architectural glass includes the following standards:

  •    EN 1279-1CE 2
  •    EN1279-2
  •    EN 1279-3
  •    EN 1279-4
  •    EN 1279-5
  •    EN 1279-6

CE Marking was introduced to provide legal control in our company which sell products outside the European Union and in Europe.

Our excellently equipped laboratory, offers testing and certification services for all the types of glass that are used by various industries, such as insulated glass units for construction, according with the CE Marking. Our glass testing services can also include witnessing tests on the manufacturer’s equipment and inspection of manufacturing processes.

In our company is recognizable ISO 9000 clauses which include calibration of applied measurement devices, competence and responsibilities of personnel and the release of tasks to personnel, management reviews and documentation of all aspects relevant for insulating glass unit production.

Our company assures that all the glass products that we sell on the market are enhanced with a high level of security, lifetime and the highest quality standards.

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