Pietta Glass Working is one of the most important glass processors on the Romanian and SouthEast Europe market for the architectural facades of the buildings, structural facades and residential applications, that use transparent float glass, laminated glass, thermal and solar control glass.

Pietta Glass Working also produces a wide range of assembled products, such as: doors and side walls for commercial refrigerated display cases, sliding lids for refrigerators, with or without handles and hinges for opening and closing, as well as glass products for home appliances and automotive industry.

Architectural glass

We are processing insulated glazing for architectural buildings facades, structural facades and residential applications.

Commercial refrigeration glass

We provide complex products for commercial refrigeration industry: glass doors, glass sidewalls & sliding lids.

Glass for home appliances

We have more than 20 years experience in production of white goods-home appliances industry.

Glass balustrades

We produce glass balustrades for the interior and exterior of the buildings.

Glass for different applications

We are able to provide glass for different application, such as: glass partitions, shower partitions, glass floors, glass skylights.

Automotive glass

Our range of products is composed by products for slow vehicles such as tractors and forklifts.


Quality standards

Pietta Glass Working is accredited by SGG, AGC, GUARDIAN, PILKINGTON to process any kind of glass. We are also accredited by SIKA GROUP for application of all sealant range.
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